Aug 28, 2011


Yesterday me & my wife decided to have our Futoor in one of Kuwait Restaurants, My sister (Blogger: Life after Marriage ) recommended Lenotre - Gulf Road.
We left home after Maghreb prayer, as we arrived there, the first good sign was the weather, it was amazing, As we entered we can see that all the tables with good views were taken and there was a couple free tables in the middle, I don't like to set at the center of any restaurant I feel that everyone is watching you eaten: P. On the other hand, the overwhelming atmosphere will make feel at home.
I saw the salad buffet and it was amazing there where a lot of different variety of salads, but I couldn't find the Maine course buffet?? And after we’re done with the salad we where served with three beautiful puts, it was our appetizers

The First one was my favorite Harees, the second one was Mini Samosas and the third one was amazing Kubbah. I liked the Harees allot; P

After that the main course was served, it was 5 different types plus a pot of plain white rice.
So no matter what is your taste you will find something to eat. ;)
And before we start eating the staff already prepares one of the sea view tables for us and they transfer us to that table which made me happy: D the sight of Kuwait Towers at night was amazing!!

And when you reach the point that I think you can't eat any more, well guess what.....It Dessert Time!!!

It was amazing, different verity of Arabia and western sweets that will let you eat like a kid eating candy.
Of course I ended with Mint Green Tea my wife had her black coffee.

But the high light of that evening was the amazing staff, there where professional and they always serve you with a smile. A special thank to the Operation Manager Mr. Mazen Al Ali for his hospitality, and looking forward for next Ramadan.

At the end I would like to wish everyone a Happy Eid  عيدك مبارك و تقبل الله طاعتكم

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