Jun 1, 2012

The Day that changed my life

Good Day.....

It's been a long time since my last post ....I needed time with my self to regroup my thoughts...

I discovered a lot about my self in the last months and I was surprised by what I have discovered..
I use to be an athlete I play football in the Yarmok Sport Club , I started playing when I was 11 years old until I was 18 , and that's the time when I joined the Kuwait Oil Tanker Company and start working at sea which result in slowly drifting away from sports and the healthy life.
For the last 10 years ( yes I'm that old) I keep telling my self I'm too old for sports and I totally believed it, until that day, the last days of Ramadan 2011, I saw a tweet by
Yousef Al-Qanai - Fitness Expert- Founder of Aymstrong

Yousef Al-Qanai ,inviting people  to join him in his workout at Mamsha Mishrif( Mishrif Track) , I decided to go ..( there is an older post about it ) .
 This workout was a wake up call tome to  start taking control of my health , I couldn't jog for 50m ??!! we where a group and when we first start to run I run with all my power BUT I saw them going away and I couldn't catch up with them , I almost quit and my old hunting thought attacked me again " I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS S**T "  it was even louder than before, I start walking and I was gasping for air I felt so week I hit rock bottom .

At this moment I said to my self: This has to change, I don't like to see my self like this , I will change , I need to change , I am changing it right now!!! I'm on the right track !! , so I started to jog again and kept pushing my self until I reached the meeting point with the others, I remember Yousef when he saw me hoofing and buffing , he asked : are you OK?? my brain was rushing with answers "NO" , " I'M SO TIRED", " I CAN'T DO THIS" , " I QUIT'" , but what came out of my mouth " I'm OK' !!!  I know at that moment that I took my first step to changing my life.   And I did ...

5 months later I completed for the 1st time in 10 years, 5k run !!! and since that time I never stop running ..

All Thanks to Allah And the great people I have met in The Fitness Camp and Nike+ running Club , you have changed my LIFE

THE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE ;)  ( I'm the one taking the Pic.)