Jul 31, 2011

Did you Crush it ??!!!

I started my Blog "Icarus" few days ago and after set it up I said to myself " Now what??" what can I get from my blog???  And what’s most important what can I give???
I never write any think before in my life ...No diary no stories no poems...so what to do??
I looked at the screen and hold the keyboard and suddenly words start to flow ...I was amazed...
“Wow so this is Blogging " I said to myself.
20 minutes later I published my first post “Islanders”.
I felt that there is more in the blogging world so I was searching in the net to learn more about blogging and how to make your blog popular...(and belive me will find very crazy tips) so crazy that you say to your self " No ??!! That can't be true??!! “: P
As I'm jumping from site to site, from face book to twitter until I saw a tweet from Khalid Al Zanki and Hind Al Nahedh about crush it seminar
“That’s interesting what is it about???" I asked myself,
“It’s about bloggers and social media??!!
 ”maybe I should attend??!!
So I enrolled next day I got an e-mail from Khalid Al Zanki confirming my enrolment and that I was invited to Crush It in Zain building on Thursday at 16:30
I was watching the Kuwait vs. Philippines, and when the match ended I looked at the clock it was 15:43, the " Lazy me " said: skip it...relax you will be sitting in a chair listening some one talking for hours... whats the fun in that?? I shook my head and said to myself “Don’t be Lazy get up and GO"
I head to Zain building get inside I saw Khalid Al Zanki , and as soon as I shook hands with him I know this is not another seminar about social media ...This is  something different... I can feel the energy building up. I had a lot of questions started popping in my mind, Zain representative welcome us and then Hind Al Nahedh start talking about Crush it and then handed the Mic to Khalid and start talking about it, I start to feel the energy in the room building up, he explained about the title Crush It which is from A book by Gary Vaynerchuk.
Who is Gary Vaynerchuk??? well I can write post after post about him ... All what I'm going to say for now , his agency also represent Big celebrity such as Oprah Winfrey!!

Check out this site http://crushitbook.com/ .

The first Crush it Surprise was when Khalid announce that Gary Vaynerchuk will be, in person, here in Kuwait!!!  At this point was asking myself "what next??" at the same moment Khalid said:"and there are more gifts...but I will save them for later"
At the end Burgan Bank surprised us all with pre-payed Crush It gift card!!
I really recommend you all to visit:

Take care and remember to Crush It!!

Jul 30, 2011

Kuwait Reefs

Last Wednesday we went to our bio rock project...the sun was grilling hot and as we approach Qarouh Island we discover that we forget our coral collecting basket!!! What are we going to do know??!! We already lost one of our baskets last week when we where there.  We went on the island to check if the Kuwaiti Cost Guards got any spar basket and the first thing we found is our beautiful blue basket near the C.G station entrance it was such a relief. :D
We checked our electric supply equipments we went back to the boat to prepare for our dive to collect the broking corals.
The water was amazing it feels that you are in the Maldives but the sizzling heat will easily evaporate this though and bring you back to reality.

It really feels good when you take the first dip in the water

That's me on the boat talking to Team Leader Capt. Jasim Al Failakawi

The first dive normally for collecting the broking corals and we transfer it to the other side of the island to fix them on our biorock models.
The team done so well in collecting the corals, we have to be careful as the corals are very fragile and easy to break

Saving the broking corals


All OK......Our basket getting full

All done...The Basket is full!!!
Sea urchins.... try to find its eye  ;)

Heave up!!!! Time to pull up the basket

After collecting some coral and taking a break. We transferred to the other side of the island to our project location the water is amazing we can't wait to jump in the water ... of course we where greeted by our spiky sea urchins as you can see in the picture below.

 Yes every one this is in Kuwait!!! Mashallah!! (Mashallah means blessing from God said when seeing something pleasant or beautiful)

If you’re read my last post I have mentioned some of the problem we have in Kuwait that effecting our coral reefs one of which the uncontrolled fishing of fishes that feed on sea urchins such as the Parrot Fish or as we call it in Kuwait Gain. I was so angry that I had to get out the water when I saw this fish's head freshly cut and through in the water which landed on one of our models....this fish is nearly extinct from Kuwaiti water and when we found one we find it in this state ??!!!

 Pleas let's leave this fish alone ...we need it so badly for our reef. The number of sea urchins is growing so fast and sea urchins feeds on Corals!!! Gain or Parrot Fish feeds on a sea urchin that’s way we need it near our reefs.

Looking at the bright side little creatures start to move into our BioRock reefs and the number of fishes start to grow up.
Can you spot the littel one on the middle of the coral???

I have a dream to make our reefs a place that attracts divers from all around the world and I believe this is the first step toward that dream.

Until next post...Take Care and God bless

Jul 25, 2011

The Summer Break

It's known that in the summer break most of the Kuwaiti travele abrod ...
But why???
can't we make Kuwait a tourists attraction destination...???
I think we can... and we already taking the first steps towards this target...I know that some of you are think now " what the hek his talking about???!!!" and I dont blame you ;-)  let me explain.......

Have you ever heared about BIOROCK REEF??
 as you know corals takes a lot of years to grow and what people are doing to the is not helping too... here in Kuwait most of our reefs suffers from coral bleaching.
the pictures below are Not in Kuwait ..it just a good example for coral bleaching which a serious sign that the coral are dieing and when the corals dies it will have a hugh negative impact on marin life.

So the Diving team in the Kuwait Enviornment Protection Society (KEPS) started the BioRock project in one of Kuwait Islands and after all the hard work the good result start to show up..
BioRock is basicly bulding a steel models and conect it to one side of the power supply to act like a Cathode,and connect the other side to an Anode to creat an electric filed of 6~9 volts which is safe to divers and marine life, this will result of bulding up of calcium carbonate on the steel model, the divers will collect broken coral and fix it on the steel model so that the calcium will provid a good fixing point for the broken coral and with the electric stimulation the corals will grow 5 times faster. Unfortunately most people in Kuwait are not enviornmental friendly or not green enough . As you can see in the picture below , most of Kuwait islands have mooring buoy to be used instead of the boat's anchor to not destroyed any coral , but this boat owner decided to drop his anchor near the mooring buoy??!!

Also uncontrolled fishing ,  Specially spear fishing , has resulted in extinction of some fishes that feed on sea urchin and now sea urchin are increasing in numbers so fast and the problem in that , sea urchins feeds on corals.
The diving team in KEPS are working so hard to revive the coral reef in Kuwait island and make Kuwait a Diving Heaven Destination....
 Kuwaiti squid
 Diving Team Leader ...Capt. Jasem Al Failakawi working on one of Biorock models
 Capt. Jasim Al Failakawi with his team fixing broken corals on one of the models
Me :)  scuring some of broken corals on one of the models
 The infestation of the sea urchins

At the end I really recommend that you visit the Kuwait Environment Protection Society they have raelly good summer activities for kids .There are in Shouakh next to KNPC bulding or call : 24848256 - 24812019

Jul 23, 2011

My Paradise: Top 5 video games

My Paradise: Top 5 video games: "For a real video gamers Paradise i think that I'm gonna write about the top 5 games but i know its the first time i meet you guys so just ..."


Is it true... that Islanders can't live away from the sea??? 
My Father was born in Failaka Island ... one of the Islands of Kuwait and moved to the main land when he was about 10 years old  I don't remember  if I ever visited Failaka, maybe I did when I was young but I don't have any memories about it. There was always a connection between me and the sea... maybe that's way I worked at sea for 15 years thinking that this is what I want !! well it took me all these years to know that I didn't want to work on this huge chunk of metal and work around the clock with No week end , No Days off for 5 to 6 months , I just want to have a small house on an island near the sea, I love that feeling when you get up in the morning and the first thing you see is the waves gently brushing the sand off the beach. That's way after spending 10 days with my son Sulaiman in the Maldives with out getting bored, we felt this is the life for us. I know some of you will say : you where staying in a resort that's way you like it ...well most of the people I know who have been to the Maldives , they couldn't stay more than 1 week because there is no shops no streets no buildings no city life... that's why  they couldn't stay for more than a week, they didn't fit so after a few days they feel uncomfortable.
 this is the view from our villa in the Maldives at Soneva Fushi resort

I always have this dream that one day I will go back to Failaka and spend my evenings with my children and grand children walking on the beaches of my Island.

until the next blog ... take care .