Jul 16, 2012

Toy Store for Athletes

I always remember the excitement rush when my parents takes me to Kids 'r' us (نحن و الطفال) Toy store in Farwanya area , that was in the good days of the 80's, as we approach the huge building and see that big , yellow koala  you latterly hear me buzzing with excitement
( I still do when I see that logo :P )

After 30 years I do feel the same when I pay a visit to sport's stores, and specially my favored brand NIKE , I was so excited when I herd about the new  Nike Store in Arjan (Bida'a Area ).

So I took my camera and jumped into my car and headed toward there.
The store looks good from out side I took view pics .

When I got inside the store was divided in to three sections, tow sections in the ground flour , Men and Women , the upper level for soccer and casual  .

This is amazing running shoes so light that you feel barefoot
 The LUNAR ECLIPSE+ technology ...you should tray it

Very nice collection for Athletes

 Men section .....I really liked there new running T-Shirts

Women Section........

The only one downside that I noticed in this store that they don't have a kids section ...other than that the store is amazing , the people working there are so friendly and helpful , but Nike have a store in Discovery Mall in Kuwait city , dedicated for kids  :-)

I noticed a lot of people don't where proper clothing when working out ....my advice to all of you ... dress up for sport workout with fashion it really boost you morals and you deserve to pamper your self ..
get moving ...pay them a visit and start BUZZZZING :-)

There contact  :
E-Mail : nike@aaw.com
Phone:  1804449
or visit there facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/NikestoreKW

Jul 3, 2012

A gift from God

I was married 11Years ago and it has it's ups and downs ,and thanks God,  ups more than downs.  During this 11years my wife and I was blessed with beautiful gifts from God.

Sulaiman was born on 24th Oct. 2002. he's the artist one loves drawing and reading and has really huge imagination he loves video games and he's. The youngest blogger in Kuwait.
He's blog:  www.q8box.WordPress.com

AbdulAziz he was born on the 17th Jun 2009. He's the family technician he's really into assemble and deassemble things he's passion is Air Conditions, Don't ask me whey ?!! He loves to clean the filters and watch AC's maintenance videos on YouTube.

And for the latest addition to our family
Abdulwahab , he was born on the 1st July 2012 the only thing that I can say about him is He's Sooooo tinny!!!!
Al 7amd lellah , Thanks God for this amazing three gifts
اللهم لك الحمد و الشكر و المنه على هذه النعمة
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