Aug 28, 2011


Yesterday me & my wife decided to have our Futoor in one of Kuwait Restaurants, My sister (Blogger: Life after Marriage ) recommended Lenotre - Gulf Road.
We left home after Maghreb prayer, as we arrived there, the first good sign was the weather, it was amazing, As we entered we can see that all the tables with good views were taken and there was a couple free tables in the middle, I don't like to set at the center of any restaurant I feel that everyone is watching you eaten: P. On the other hand, the overwhelming atmosphere will make feel at home.
I saw the salad buffet and it was amazing there where a lot of different variety of salads, but I couldn't find the Maine course buffet?? And after we’re done with the salad we where served with three beautiful puts, it was our appetizers

The First one was my favorite Harees, the second one was Mini Samosas and the third one was amazing Kubbah. I liked the Harees allot; P

After that the main course was served, it was 5 different types plus a pot of plain white rice.
So no matter what is your taste you will find something to eat. ;)
And before we start eating the staff already prepares one of the sea view tables for us and they transfer us to that table which made me happy: D the sight of Kuwait Towers at night was amazing!!

And when you reach the point that I think you can't eat any more, well guess what.....It Dessert Time!!!

It was amazing, different verity of Arabia and western sweets that will let you eat like a kid eating candy.
Of course I ended with Mint Green Tea my wife had her black coffee.

But the high light of that evening was the amazing staff, there where professional and they always serve you with a smile. A special thank to the Operation Manager Mr. Mazen Al Ali for his hospitality, and looking forward for next Ramadan.

At the end I would like to wish everyone a Happy Eid  عيدك مبارك و تقبل الله طاعتكم

Aug 23, 2011

Yes ...Crush !t

We are in the last days of Ramadan ..I can't believe that we already at the end of it ??!!

After our last meeting with Khalid and Hind and all the other Crush !t Bloggers you feel the energy recharging, I couldn't wait to write my next post, but I was enjoying this blessed days, the last 10 days of Ramadan.
Getting involved in the Crush !t Mania motivate me to start a web site about my passion of pyrography , and I did !!
It still under progress but it is a step toward my dream of establishing my own business.

this is my web site:
check it out I really do need your opinion and advice ... I'm new to this ;P

Let your Dreams lead the way and CRUSH !T WITH PASSION

This is some of my work....ENJOY ;D

Pyrography on I-Pad 2 Leather Cover

Pyrography on I-Phone Leather Cover

Aug 18, 2011

Q8 All in One - The Blog: شكوى على مقسم السره

Q8 All in One - The Blog: شكوى على مقسم السره: كنت في غاية الدهشه عندما حصل لي هذا الموقف و اليكم ما حدث ... أنا من سكان منطقة جنوب السرة، انقطعت عنا خطوط الهواتف فجر يوم الجمعه الماضي ...

Failakah's Ghabga

We had the privilege to attend the ,Shaikh . Dr. Muhammed Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah ( Minister of Foreign Affairs) , Gahbga to the people of Failakah it was really great to see most of Failakah's Family under one roof and the modesty of Shikh, Dr. Muhammed Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah was overwhelming.

Aug 17, 2011

Get Fit With Yousf Al Qanai

Since the beginning of Ramadhan I lost 4 Kg , it feels amazing I eat any thing I want but in reasonable quantity but I reached a point that I need to start exercising . As I'm checking my twitter I saw a tweet from Yousif Al Qanai about a fitness session in Mishrif area , I decided to join this session, it was at 10pm which is perfect for this time of the year.

It was really challenging session but you really feel good at the end as you can see in the picture every one had a big smile.

Yousef Al Qanai and frineds after a Great Fitness Session

If you want to know morre about Fitness and geting Fit visit:

If you have any question about fitness and loosing wight :
Or follow Yousef on twitter:

Crusing it ...

I had the the privilege of attending the Crush !t 2nd meet up and this one was special to me ... I went ther with a blogger who is close to me and knowing him has changed my life.
we sat next to each other in the meeting and it was his first time to attened such meetings so he was excited and he was asking me a lot of questions and I always answer him back with a smile. We went there in the same car and on the way he asked me about Crush it the book and the seminar, as we arrived at layla gallary's cinescape, I can notice he's getting more excited and when we entered I introduce him to Hind Al Nahedh and took our seats in the front row , he whispered to me " I like this :D"
Then Khaled Al Zanki came and I introduced him . Hind took the stage and the first thing she talked about is this blogger setting next to me and when I looked at him he was so excited, and after brief introduction Khalid took the stage , and I can really see that hi like it , hi is so passionate about what he do, he talked about how bloggers are getting more intrested in Crush It challenge and he revealed to us one of the social media secrets , so to all how didn't attend " You Missed it ;)  "
 Then Hind called the blogger next to me and asked him some questions , he didn't know what to say , hi was so nervous that hi forgot when he started his blog !!! I even answered this question for him I mentioned before it was his first time to confront an audience , but I was proud of him , I was proud that hi is the youngest Crush it Blogger and the youngest boy blogger and , on top of all that I'm really proud that he is My 9 yours old Son :D

Sulaiman at Crush It 
When he was borne I was not in Kuwait , and when I saw him for the first time my life was not the same, I had to leave after 2 months to join on of  the ships and it was so difficult to leave him for 4 months and every time I see him he suprise me with new talent he learned , he suprised me when he start singin ABC when hi was 1 1/2 year old, hi suprised me when he took his first steps, he suprised me when hi start drawing his first " Master Piece " as he call it ;P.... and that night he suprised me of beeing the youngest Crush !t blogger.
My Father and my Son

Hind & Khalid Crushing it on the stage

Sulaiman Crushing It ;)

Special thanks to Cinemagic for their great gift

If you want to know more about Crush It Seminar and Challenge visit the following links:

Aug 9, 2011

The Passion of Crush It

I like a lot of things in life, I like it when I spend time with my kids, I like it when I visit my parents and find out that all my brothers and sisters are there too,I like it when my son Sulaiman kisses me on the head as soon as we finish praying, I like it when my baby son Aziz become really excited when I switch on the A/C !! :D  and when I do all that I lose track of time !!!!
I like scketching and I could set and scketch for hours without notcing time!!
recently I started working on Pyrography (wood burning) and I stay for hours burning on wood and I also lose track of time!!! so is that passion???
I think before pursuiting  your passion you must identify it, know it, dream about it know how you feel when you finaly get it, to actualy smell, see, hear and feel what you  smell, see, hear and feel when you finaly live your passion.
one of my favorite quotes : " where focus gose energy fllows" Anthony Robbins.
and this is what we should do focus on our passions so that our energy will be directed toward our it, toward our goals.
So what is your passion??? what are you willing to do to persuit ???

I had the privlege to be part of an extraordenary , life chainging events, and I can't wait for our 2nd meeting on next wednasday, I'm a new blogger who's persuting his passion in this life, and I'm going to Crush It with Passion.

p.s I was at Virgin Megastores yesterday looking for Crush it the book but I couldn't find it I was so dissapointed , and this morning I saw the a tweet from Khalid Al Zanki that the book will be available soon in Virgin stors soon ... I think I was ahead of my self ;P   that news just made my day. Virgin You are the Best.

Aug 8, 2011

My Son's Blog :D

8th Day of Ramadan and I lost 3kg already   :D I'm really enjoying it  , what about you?? ;)

In the last cuple of days I didn't check my E-mail , so when I opened it today I found an  E-mail about Crush it bloggers meetup which is going to be on wednesday . I can't wait for the next meeting. To me this kind of meeting gives me a energy boost which I really need.
My son also started a blog called my paradise.
His first post was about video games, his next post about Predators, he  really is  into Predators and Aliens  :P   but he told me about his next post and I really liked it a lot. My son , Sulaiman, likes sketching and drawing, so he wanted to start his own sketching step-by-step video lessons, my reaction was wow that's a good idea. He asked me to help him with his videos, every time Sulaiman helps me with my blog he charges me 1KD , so maybe I will charge him this time ;P
I'm more excited to help Sulaiman with his blog and I hope he will be one of the next Crush it generation.

To know more about his bloge check it out :

Aug 4, 2011


4th day of Ramadan and totally enjoy it ... a lot of people where worried about fasting in this hot weather, but we didn’t fined it difficult at all... That’s the blessing from Allah in Ramadan :D

As you all know I'm an Islander from Failaka Island in Kuwait and as I mentioned in my first post, I feel more comfortable when I'm near the sea ....or even better  if I'm in the sea either swimming or diving.
Last year I decided to spend the last couple days of Ramadan and the Eid in the Maldives Islands. I traveled to the Maldives several times, the first time, it was me and my uncle, we get scammed by our travel agent, we paid for tow rooms but when we get there it was one double bed room!! And that was my first experience with Soneva Fushi resort, it was not so good, but it didn't take so long  to change my mind as the staff of Soneva Fushi handle this situation in no time...when we told them it was a mistake they actually changed the double bed to single beds while we were having lunch!!!

After few years I decided to take my wife, Sulaiman (7 years) and Baby Aziz (3 months old) it was his first trip ever: D
 My Friend, Travel companion and My Son Sulaiman
In our Crusoe Villa in Soneva Fushi

 Aziz 3 months old in Soneva Fushi / Maldives

This trip was unforgettable we totally enjoyed it; it was really worry free trip. I wanted to go back to Soneva Fushi but I didn't want any misunderstanding like my first trip, so I search the net for resorts when I came across this site called " Atoll Paradise " my first impression was " that looks very professional". And indeed there where...
 I send them an E-mail asking for the best resorts that suitable from a Muslim Family specially that my wife is wearing Hijab... in the next day I got a call from Isable one of there Travle consultants she was so friendly  and answered all my questions on the spot. After I explain to Isabel what I'm looking for she send me a really great offers by E-mail, and in few days every thing  was set.

When we arrived in the Maldives we were welcomed by there friendly Immigration and costumer officers
As soon as the doors open I saw the staff of Atoll Paradise waiting for us, I told myself " Let see how good they are??!"  As we approach them, the lady holding the sign smiled and said: Hi I'm Isabel welcome to sunny Maldives. And your only reaction for that is a big smile :D and from this point all our worries are gone.

They took us to the staff of Soneva Fushi and you really feel special with them, you don’t have to worry about anything because at this moment your vacation does start.

since that time I'm with Atoll Paradise This vacation was one of the beast vacations I ever experienced , during my stay , Isabel , our travel consultant checking on us from time to time , and as we need  a sea plane to go from the Airport to Soneva Fushi , I was concern about the day we leave , our departure flight is in the early morning , so when I told Isabel about my concern , her answer was : Don't worry  we will take care of everything. And sure they did they arrange with Soneva to give us one night free!!!!! in Soneva Gili which is near the airport.

I didn't use any other sites for my Maldives booking because I didn't need to , the service in Atoll Paradise has been amazing and that's way I'm always going to be with Atoll Paradise

Check there site even if you’re not going to Maldives ... just enjoy the Paradise in Atoll Paradise; D

I'm not going to talk about the resort because I will be writing about them in my next post.

But I will leave you with these pictures... enjoy

some of the pictures are from :

Sea you next post take care and........ تقبل الله طاعتكم.

Aug 2, 2011

First day of Ramadan

First of all I would like to say مبارك عليكم الشهر و تقبل الله طاعتكم....Ramadan Mubarak to you All .

In the first day of Ramadan I always get up early on the morning and go to my parents, after thohour (Noon) prayer we normally go out to the old market and wonder around until it's nearly Aser( Afternoon) prayer . But this year is different for tow reasons :
                           1) The fact that Ramadan is in August ( one of the hottest months of the year in Kuwait)
                           2) Me trying to finish the never ending routine of my new job employment.

I applauded to The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training on Dec'09!!!!
yes don't be surprised!!!  and after interviews and waiting that long the finally inform me  that I need to get validation to my certificates from the Ministry of Higher Education!!?? I said : What???!! way did you accept my papers when I first applied in 2009??? way after waiting all this time you tell me to go and validate my certificates from M.H.E.?? and you always got the same answer "what can we do?? we are following the procedures"
So the first day in Ramadan I was in the M.H.E. in the free trade zone , and the first thing that will hit you on the face when you open you car's doors is the awfully smell that comes from the sea.. The location of the building is near the Shuakh Port and the water there are very still and what make it worst the buildings in the area they are effecting the current in that area which result in this Bad smell.And after asking around no on one seems to know where is my papers!! I gave them a copy of my paper send from P.A.E.T. and after they search for some time the answer was " We didn't receive any letters from P.A.E.T." So I had to go all the way , from Shuakh To Audaelyah, to P.A.E.T. Main building, and after I checked with them I  found that the M.H.E did receive my papers on the 27/7/2011, so I take a copy of the recipient name and seigneur and went back to the M.H.E. at that time it was already 12:00 and no one allowed to enter as the employers start to close down there paper work getting ready to go home. I managed to enter and found the one who received my papers , and the answer was:" yes I did receive it and transfer it to building 4 "  I was so angry that the only thing came out is a smile and a thank you. I went back home and changed my clothes and crush in to my bed and sleep.
we are ( Al Hamdu lellah)a wealthy oil country  why can't we do all that on line??? almost every one know how to use the computer ??!!
we have been hearing about the Electronic Government for long time and some ministries all ready done it , but still need a lot of improvement??!!!

my message to our government...... YOU Should