Jul 23, 2011


Is it true... that Islanders can't live away from the sea??? 
My Father was born in Failaka Island ... one of the Islands of Kuwait and moved to the main land when he was about 10 years old  I don't remember  if I ever visited Failaka, maybe I did when I was young but I don't have any memories about it. There was always a connection between me and the sea... maybe that's way I worked at sea for 15 years thinking that this is what I want !! well it took me all these years to know that I didn't want to work on this huge chunk of metal and work around the clock with No week end , No Days off for 5 to 6 months , I just want to have a small house on an island near the sea, I love that feeling when you get up in the morning and the first thing you see is the waves gently brushing the sand off the beach. That's way after spending 10 days with my son Sulaiman in the Maldives with out getting bored, we felt this is the life for us. I know some of you will say : you where staying in a resort that's way you like it ...well most of the people I know who have been to the Maldives , they couldn't stay more than 1 week because there is no shops no streets no buildings no city life... that's why  they couldn't stay for more than a week, they didn't fit so after a few days they feel uncomfortable.
 this is the view from our villa in the Maldives at Soneva Fushi resort

I always have this dream that one day I will go back to Failaka and spend my evenings with my children and grand children walking on the beaches of my Island.

until the next blog ... take care .

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