Jul 31, 2011

Did you Crush it ??!!!

I started my Blog "Icarus" few days ago and after set it up I said to myself " Now what??" what can I get from my blog???  And what’s most important what can I give???
I never write any think before in my life ...No diary no stories no poems...so what to do??
I looked at the screen and hold the keyboard and suddenly words start to flow ...I was amazed...
“Wow so this is Blogging " I said to myself.
20 minutes later I published my first post “Islanders”.
I felt that there is more in the blogging world so I was searching in the net to learn more about blogging and how to make your blog popular...(and belive me will find very crazy tips) so crazy that you say to your self " No ??!! That can't be true??!! “: P
As I'm jumping from site to site, from face book to twitter until I saw a tweet from Khalid Al Zanki and Hind Al Nahedh about crush it seminar
“That’s interesting what is it about???" I asked myself,
“It’s about bloggers and social media??!!
 ”maybe I should attend??!!
So I enrolled next day I got an e-mail from Khalid Al Zanki confirming my enrolment and that I was invited to Crush It in Zain building on Thursday at 16:30
I was watching the Kuwait vs. Philippines, and when the match ended I looked at the clock it was 15:43, the " Lazy me " said: skip it...relax you will be sitting in a chair listening some one talking for hours... whats the fun in that?? I shook my head and said to myself “Don’t be Lazy get up and GO"
I head to Zain building get inside I saw Khalid Al Zanki , and as soon as I shook hands with him I know this is not another seminar about social media ...This is  something different... I can feel the energy building up. I had a lot of questions started popping in my mind, Zain representative welcome us and then Hind Al Nahedh start talking about Crush it and then handed the Mic to Khalid and start talking about it, I start to feel the energy in the room building up, he explained about the title Crush It which is from A book by Gary Vaynerchuk.
Who is Gary Vaynerchuk??? well I can write post after post about him ... All what I'm going to say for now , his agency also represent Big celebrity such as Oprah Winfrey!!

Check out this site http://crushitbook.com/ .

The first Crush it Surprise was when Khalid announce that Gary Vaynerchuk will be, in person, here in Kuwait!!!  At this point was asking myself "what next??" at the same moment Khalid said:"and there are more gifts...but I will save them for later"
At the end Burgan Bank surprised us all with pre-payed Crush It gift card!!
I really recommend you all to visit:

Take care and remember to Crush It!!

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  1. Loved it :) It was great seeing you in the room the other day! I'm personally so excited to facilitate Crush It! Bloggers Circle along with my partner Hind Al-Nahedh :)

    Bader, YOU ROCK! Wishing you best of luck in blogging :) Keep it up, Keep crushing..