Sep 30, 2011

Happy kids,fit kids

On the 5thof Sep. I uploaded a post titlled I have the right to be thin, and since then I start working out 5 days a week , my cosins Humood ,Ahmad and Bashayer joined me in my workout and it was a blast, I was amaized by the transformation i'm going through....any way I got soo hooked in this and disided to make every thursday to be Kids Fittness day , so I done my work out with my son Sulaiman and neise Mariam.
we had a great time we where working out and having fun in the same time...I leave you with this cute befor and after for pictures of Sulaiman and Mariam.......

All Happy getting ready for warming ...Mesakeen Mayadroon Shino be7oosh hom :P 

Solaiman An Mariam after a great workout .....Mesakeen 3arganeen min foog le ta7aat :P

I'm looking for word for next Thursday.....we gona make it little earlier so we going to start right after 18:00 to 19:00 (06:00 pm to 07:00)
so if any one like to have fun and working out at the same time join us every Thursday in Mamsh Mishrif at 18:00 (06:00 pm)
contact me on : 99651207
twitter: @gwshark75

P.S. we carry out a work out every day accept Thursday wich is Family Day and Friday And Saturday are off

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