Aug 30, 2012

To go to sea or not to go to sea !!!???

As I decided to go back to work at sea I hade to go through the initial medical exam all over again..  I don it on the 28/8, I was surprised when I received a call from Ahmadi Hospital asking me to do the test again??!!  So when I saw the doctor she asked me:  are you diabetic???  I answer: No!!  Not that I'm  aware of!!!  My initial test shows  blood sugar of 7% thay took another sample and it shows  8% this time.. that with me being 12hr fasting!!!
Ideas start rushing into my maind,  and most of them where bad ideas but I said to my self this is what god planed for me and it must be good to me so I shall embrace it and be grateful and thankful and I started to see the bright side of it and the maine thing is that I  will not go back to sea and I will be staying with my kids.
So now I'm  doing another test for diabetes and i must give them 4 blood samples every hour , I have already give them three sampls and only one to go.....
I will let you know of the final result.....wish me luck!!!! 

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