Jun 26, 2013

I'm Back !!!!!!!!

Good day !!!

it has been a while since my last post !!
my last post was about if I'm going back to sea or not !! well ......I'm still here  :D

I'm officially diabetic type 2 and that's way I can't work at sea any more



I was focusing on my health and fitness and went from a challenge to another
on November 2011 I finished my 1st 10K race in Kuwait marathon ...my time was 1h48m


17 days later I also run the 10K race at Kuwait charity run finish  that in 1h25m !!

and on Feb. 27th 2013 I can proudly say I ran Kuwait !!!! I was in run Kuwait relay team and we run from the northern to southern borders of Kuwait !!!

at the same time I got involved in voluntary work with an amazing group called Blue Circle Kuwait.. and I'm a member in iGreen group....... I will be posting about them soon..

work wise ...I had a job in the ministry of health for 2 months ( don't ask me way??!!) and now I'm working in Kuwait Livestock Transport & Trading Co. as Marine Operation Superintended.

It sure feels good to be back

Till next post

Take Care and God Bless

1 comment:

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