Aug 2, 2011

First day of Ramadan

First of all I would like to say مبارك عليكم الشهر و تقبل الله طاعتكم....Ramadan Mubarak to you All .

In the first day of Ramadan I always get up early on the morning and go to my parents, after thohour (Noon) prayer we normally go out to the old market and wonder around until it's nearly Aser( Afternoon) prayer . But this year is different for tow reasons :
                           1) The fact that Ramadan is in August ( one of the hottest months of the year in Kuwait)
                           2) Me trying to finish the never ending routine of my new job employment.

I applauded to The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training on Dec'09!!!!
yes don't be surprised!!!  and after interviews and waiting that long the finally inform me  that I need to get validation to my certificates from the Ministry of Higher Education!!?? I said : What???!! way did you accept my papers when I first applied in 2009??? way after waiting all this time you tell me to go and validate my certificates from M.H.E.?? and you always got the same answer "what can we do?? we are following the procedures"
So the first day in Ramadan I was in the M.H.E. in the free trade zone , and the first thing that will hit you on the face when you open you car's doors is the awfully smell that comes from the sea.. The location of the building is near the Shuakh Port and the water there are very still and what make it worst the buildings in the area they are effecting the current in that area which result in this Bad smell.And after asking around no on one seems to know where is my papers!! I gave them a copy of my paper send from P.A.E.T. and after they search for some time the answer was " We didn't receive any letters from P.A.E.T." So I had to go all the way , from Shuakh To Audaelyah, to P.A.E.T. Main building, and after I checked with them I  found that the M.H.E did receive my papers on the 27/7/2011, so I take a copy of the recipient name and seigneur and went back to the M.H.E. at that time it was already 12:00 and no one allowed to enter as the employers start to close down there paper work getting ready to go home. I managed to enter and found the one who received my papers , and the answer was:" yes I did receive it and transfer it to building 4 "  I was so angry that the only thing came out is a smile and a thank you. I went back home and changed my clothes and crush in to my bed and sleep.
we are ( Al Hamdu lellah)a wealthy oil country  why can't we do all that on line??? almost every one know how to use the computer ??!!
we have been hearing about the Electronic Government for long time and some ministries all ready done it , but still need a lot of improvement??!!!

my message to our government...... YOU Should 

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