Oct 13, 2011

My Memoris

I received an E-mail from Liz Gardner about a software called " My Memories". it's a software about creating photo album or scrap book or a greeting cards, Liz generously offers me a free copy to tray it and me being me I said yes. I have done some work  in computer graphic so I know one or tow things about it. After I downloaded my free copy I started the program and I was surprised that I know my my way around, it was so easy to use , I LIKE THAT :D
It's not for the professional users but the quality of the end result is amazing , and once you start using it you cannot stop I spend hours on it.
What I really like in this software is in only 5 clicks your good to go. if you want photo album you can let you 9 years old child do it for you ...really it's so easy that any member of your family can do it !!!!

The veracity of the designs are amazing and the free offers that you can get in your e-mail and also can be found in there website
http://www.mymemories.com/ After a few clicks I end up with this :)

And this my 9 years old son ... Sulaiman

At the end I would like to thank  Liz Gardner for giving me this great opportunity to try this great software which I totally recommend for every house PC.

For more information visit their website:   http://www.mymemories.com/store/

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