Aug 4, 2011


4th day of Ramadan and totally enjoy it ... a lot of people where worried about fasting in this hot weather, but we didn’t fined it difficult at all... That’s the blessing from Allah in Ramadan :D

As you all know I'm an Islander from Failaka Island in Kuwait and as I mentioned in my first post, I feel more comfortable when I'm near the sea ....or even better  if I'm in the sea either swimming or diving.
Last year I decided to spend the last couple days of Ramadan and the Eid in the Maldives Islands. I traveled to the Maldives several times, the first time, it was me and my uncle, we get scammed by our travel agent, we paid for tow rooms but when we get there it was one double bed room!! And that was my first experience with Soneva Fushi resort, it was not so good, but it didn't take so long  to change my mind as the staff of Soneva Fushi handle this situation in no time...when we told them it was a mistake they actually changed the double bed to single beds while we were having lunch!!!

After few years I decided to take my wife, Sulaiman (7 years) and Baby Aziz (3 months old) it was his first trip ever: D
 My Friend, Travel companion and My Son Sulaiman
In our Crusoe Villa in Soneva Fushi

 Aziz 3 months old in Soneva Fushi / Maldives

This trip was unforgettable we totally enjoyed it; it was really worry free trip. I wanted to go back to Soneva Fushi but I didn't want any misunderstanding like my first trip, so I search the net for resorts when I came across this site called " Atoll Paradise " my first impression was " that looks very professional". And indeed there where...
 I send them an E-mail asking for the best resorts that suitable from a Muslim Family specially that my wife is wearing Hijab... in the next day I got a call from Isable one of there Travle consultants she was so friendly  and answered all my questions on the spot. After I explain to Isabel what I'm looking for she send me a really great offers by E-mail, and in few days every thing  was set.

When we arrived in the Maldives we were welcomed by there friendly Immigration and costumer officers
As soon as the doors open I saw the staff of Atoll Paradise waiting for us, I told myself " Let see how good they are??!"  As we approach them, the lady holding the sign smiled and said: Hi I'm Isabel welcome to sunny Maldives. And your only reaction for that is a big smile :D and from this point all our worries are gone.

They took us to the staff of Soneva Fushi and you really feel special with them, you don’t have to worry about anything because at this moment your vacation does start.

since that time I'm with Atoll Paradise This vacation was one of the beast vacations I ever experienced , during my stay , Isabel , our travel consultant checking on us from time to time , and as we need  a sea plane to go from the Airport to Soneva Fushi , I was concern about the day we leave , our departure flight is in the early morning , so when I told Isabel about my concern , her answer was : Don't worry  we will take care of everything. And sure they did they arrange with Soneva to give us one night free!!!!! in Soneva Gili which is near the airport.

I didn't use any other sites for my Maldives booking because I didn't need to , the service in Atoll Paradise has been amazing and that's way I'm always going to be with Atoll Paradise

Check there site even if you’re not going to Maldives ... just enjoy the Paradise in Atoll Paradise; D

I'm not going to talk about the resort because I will be writing about them in my next post.

But I will leave you with these pictures... enjoy

some of the pictures are from :

Sea you next post take care and........ تقبل الله طاعتكم.

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