Aug 8, 2011

My Son's Blog :D

8th Day of Ramadan and I lost 3kg already   :D I'm really enjoying it  , what about you?? ;)

In the last cuple of days I didn't check my E-mail , so when I opened it today I found an  E-mail about Crush it bloggers meetup which is going to be on wednesday . I can't wait for the next meeting. To me this kind of meeting gives me a energy boost which I really need.
My son also started a blog called my paradise.
His first post was about video games, his next post about Predators, he  really is  into Predators and Aliens  :P   but he told me about his next post and I really liked it a lot. My son , Sulaiman, likes sketching and drawing, so he wanted to start his own sketching step-by-step video lessons, my reaction was wow that's a good idea. He asked me to help him with his videos, every time Sulaiman helps me with my blog he charges me 1KD , so maybe I will charge him this time ;P
I'm more excited to help Sulaiman with his blog and I hope he will be one of the next Crush it generation.

To know more about his bloge check it out :

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