Aug 9, 2011

The Passion of Crush It

I like a lot of things in life, I like it when I spend time with my kids, I like it when I visit my parents and find out that all my brothers and sisters are there too,I like it when my son Sulaiman kisses me on the head as soon as we finish praying, I like it when my baby son Aziz become really excited when I switch on the A/C !! :D  and when I do all that I lose track of time !!!!
I like scketching and I could set and scketch for hours without notcing time!!
recently I started working on Pyrography (wood burning) and I stay for hours burning on wood and I also lose track of time!!! so is that passion???
I think before pursuiting  your passion you must identify it, know it, dream about it know how you feel when you finaly get it, to actualy smell, see, hear and feel what you  smell, see, hear and feel when you finaly live your passion.
one of my favorite quotes : " where focus gose energy fllows" Anthony Robbins.
and this is what we should do focus on our passions so that our energy will be directed toward our it, toward our goals.
So what is your passion??? what are you willing to do to persuit ???

I had the privlege to be part of an extraordenary , life chainging events, and I can't wait for our 2nd meeting on next wednasday, I'm a new blogger who's persuting his passion in this life, and I'm going to Crush It with Passion.

p.s I was at Virgin Megastores yesterday looking for Crush it the book but I couldn't find it I was so dissapointed , and this morning I saw the a tweet from Khalid Al Zanki that the book will be available soon in Virgin stors soon ... I think I was ahead of my self ;P   that news just made my day. Virgin You are the Best.

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