Aug 17, 2011

Crusing it ...

I had the the privilege of attending the Crush !t 2nd meet up and this one was special to me ... I went ther with a blogger who is close to me and knowing him has changed my life.
we sat next to each other in the meeting and it was his first time to attened such meetings so he was excited and he was asking me a lot of questions and I always answer him back with a smile. We went there in the same car and on the way he asked me about Crush it the book and the seminar, as we arrived at layla gallary's cinescape, I can notice he's getting more excited and when we entered I introduce him to Hind Al Nahedh and took our seats in the front row , he whispered to me " I like this :D"
Then Khaled Al Zanki came and I introduced him . Hind took the stage and the first thing she talked about is this blogger setting next to me and when I looked at him he was so excited, and after brief introduction Khalid took the stage , and I can really see that hi like it , hi is so passionate about what he do, he talked about how bloggers are getting more intrested in Crush It challenge and he revealed to us one of the social media secrets , so to all how didn't attend " You Missed it ;)  "
 Then Hind called the blogger next to me and asked him some questions , he didn't know what to say , hi was so nervous that hi forgot when he started his blog !!! I even answered this question for him I mentioned before it was his first time to confront an audience , but I was proud of him , I was proud that hi is the youngest Crush it Blogger and the youngest boy blogger and , on top of all that I'm really proud that he is My 9 yours old Son :D

Sulaiman at Crush It 
When he was borne I was not in Kuwait , and when I saw him for the first time my life was not the same, I had to leave after 2 months to join on of  the ships and it was so difficult to leave him for 4 months and every time I see him he suprise me with new talent he learned , he suprised me when he start singin ABC when hi was 1 1/2 year old, hi suprised me when he took his first steps, he suprised me when hi start drawing his first " Master Piece " as he call it ;P.... and that night he suprised me of beeing the youngest Crush !t blogger.
My Father and my Son

Hind & Khalid Crushing it on the stage

Sulaiman Crushing It ;)

Special thanks to Cinemagic for their great gift

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  1. may God bless him .. so proud of him :)

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