Aug 23, 2011

Yes ...Crush !t

We are in the last days of Ramadan ..I can't believe that we already at the end of it ??!!

After our last meeting with Khalid and Hind and all the other Crush !t Bloggers you feel the energy recharging, I couldn't wait to write my next post, but I was enjoying this blessed days, the last 10 days of Ramadan.
Getting involved in the Crush !t Mania motivate me to start a web site about my passion of pyrography , and I did !!
It still under progress but it is a step toward my dream of establishing my own business.

this is my web site:
check it out I really do need your opinion and advice ... I'm new to this ;P

Let your Dreams lead the way and CRUSH !T WITH PASSION

This is some of my work....ENJOY ;D

Pyrography on I-Pad 2 Leather Cover

Pyrography on I-Phone Leather Cover


  1. mashallah mashallah so amazing !!!! loved ur work walla !

  2. Beautiful work mashallah.. Keep it up ow beltawfeej :)